Rural Health

Rural Health Services of Nazarene Health Ministries currently operates 7 facilities throughout Papua New Guinea.  There are many expenses involved in maintaining these critical services – from staff salaries to infrastructure to transportation of supplies and patients.

Government allocations for these facilities can be sporadic.  In some years allocations have been removed entirely and the finances required to maintain them were eliminated.  For a time, our health centre in Bana (East Sepik) survived only through church donations and the support of the local community.  In this area, 4 nurses provide all of the care for 15,000 people! (The nearest doctors are a full day drive away along a nearly impassable 4 wheel drive road which is sometimes washed away in the rains).

Giving to our Rural Health Greatest Needs fund will help with transportation, medicines, emergency flights, immunization programs, housing, and other infrastructure.

We are also looking to purchase a new solar-powered vaccine refrigerator and to make site visits to explore refurbishing our facilities as well as providing doctor visits to train our staff.

We appreciate your prayers and your partnership.  As a non-profit organization, gifts to the Church of the Nazarene are tax deductible.  For Churches, donations count towards your Nazarene “10% giving credit.”

Click here to give to our Rural Health Greatest Needs Fund.

If you would instead prefer to send a check, please write on your memo line that your donation is for Rural Health Services, Papua New Guinea and mail to:

The Global Treasury

Church of the Nazarene

17001 Prairie Star Parkway

Lenexa, KS 66220