Welcome to Nazarene General Hospital

The Nazarene Hospital at Kudjip is part of Nazarene Health Ministries, a ministry of the Church of the Nazarene International. The ministries of the hospital serve to show God’s love and care for all people.

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, located in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, is a mission hospital operated by the Church of the Nazarene and we’ve been serving the people of PNG since 1967. We have over 230 staff from all areas of PNG serving in NHM alongside missionary physicians and other missionaries involved in various aspects of the work here. In 2016 we became the only church-run hospital in Papua New Guinea to be officially recognized as a Provincial Referral Hospital. We are involved in training our own nursing students, as well as PNG medical students, Rural and Remote Medicine Doctors, and providing international rotations for Christian residents and medical students.

2022 Hospital Statistics

  • 57,579 outpatients
  • 7,244 admissions
  • 2,866 deliveries (of which 341 were caesarean sections) 
  • 1,008 major surgeries (not c-sections)
  • 473 minor surgical procedures
  • 6,722 nutritional feeds

Additionally, Primary Health Services (PHS) has clinics on our station and visits communities and schools in the surrounding areas. Annually, PHS takes care of about 300 tuberculosis patients, over 1,000 patients living with HIV on anti-retroviral medicines, over 2,000 sexually transmitted illness cases, 600 pap smears, 10,000 immunizations (including 800 children at local schools), 4,000 family planning visits, and 2,000 antenatal visits, and run an outlying clinic that serves another 1,500 people per year!  All of the Primary Health Services are done without charge.

Every year, hundreds of people give their lives to Christ through our hospital ministry, new churches are started, miracles happen, people grow in their faith, patients find comfort and some face death with new hope, and the good news of abundant life in Christ is lived and proclaimed!