What are the Greatest Needs Funds?

The bottom line: The greatest needs funds are just that–They are the funds that allow us to meet whatever our greatest need is at the time to care for our patients.  Give Here

The details: Whether it is one-time or monthly, large or small, every gift contributes to all we do.  Here are some recent examples of ways we have used your gifts to the Greatest Needs Fund to show God’s love to the people of the Highlands of Papua New Guinea:

  • Paid for overseas containers, customs, and shipping – this brought in what would have been millions of dollars worth of medicine and equipment if it was purchased… but it was donated by partners for free!
  • Purchased chemicals for the lab analyzers
  • Purchased x-ray films and chemicals (none available from government for the first half of the year!)
  • Funded staff spiritual life retreats
  • Purchased urgent medicine when we run out of government supply of critical medicines (examples: treatment for meningitis and other severe infections, anti-seizure medicines, Parkinson medicines, pain medicines, and more)
  • Assisted patients in need who can’t afford treatment
  • Purchased skin staplers and sutures for surgery
  • Purchased exam gloves, sterile gloves, gauze

The Greatest Needs Fund is absolutely essential to our ministry. Government supplies and funds are often insufficient. The needs are great. Living in a developing country, we run out of medicines, equipment breaks and is either expensive or impossible to fix, we see patients who can’t afford care, we struggle to keep staff housed, etc… but because churches and individuals give to the Nazarene Hospital Greatest Needs Fund, we are able to continue to function in this place. We fix broken machines, buy equipment others don’t have, order lab reagents, pay for shipping on donated medicines from Nazarene Hospital Foundation and other ministry partners, and contribute to the spiritual well-being of our staff. With our dedicated Christian staff and missionaries, we have a reputation in PNG for providing the best healthcare in the country. People from all over PNG seek care at Kudjip. It also helps us find government or foreign aid donors for large projects.

As a result of the healthcare available at Kudjip, many come to know the saving love of Jesus and begin personal relationships with Him. Churches are planted when Nazarene leaders follow up with patients when they return home from the hospital. And so it has been for over 60 years, and will continue, as long as the hospital functions as a conduit of healing, both physical and spiritual.