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The Nazarene Hospital at Kudjip is part of Nazarene Health Ministries, a ministry of the Church of the Nazarene International. The ministries of our hospital serve to show God’s love and care for all people.

Nazarene General Hospital, formerly Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, is located in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. We are a mission hospital operated by the Church of the Nazarene that has served the people of PNG since 1967. We have over 230 staff from all areas of PNG serving as healthcare workers alongside missionary physicians and administrators. In 2017 we were officially recognized as a Provincial Hospital by the Papua New Guinean government. We are involved in training our own nursing students, as well as PNG medical students, Rural and Remote Medicine Doctors, and providing international rotations for Christian residents and medical students from all over the world!

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Come and find the latest news, photos, and links to our doctor’s blogs! You will learn about ways you can get involved in giving financially, donating medications and equipment, and even joining us in the work here at Nazarene Health Ministries!

January 21, 2021
October 23, 2020
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The Greatest Needs Fund

The hospital's greatest needs fund is just that – it is what we use to meet whatever our greatest need is at the time to run this ministry for patient care and spiritual outreach.